About Us

Company Profile

AL QANAAH RESOURCES SDN BHD company No. 724150-K established its services from take over an existing company (ABADI RESOURCES) selling and servicing personal computer, has grown to become an information technology Solution Provider in the Southern area of Malaysia.

Abadi Resources slowly began in the pre-sales, delivery, installation and after sales services of major accounts in the public and private sectors. Formerly a sub-con to Ace Communications Sdn. Bhd., Abadi Resources has gain wide range of customers such as Celcom, Bank Rakyat, Dunlop, Multi Purpose Bank etc. Since its inception (maintenance project for southern area) ABADI RESOURCES has been successful in carving a fair share of the highly demanding and competitive corporate and public sectors.

Our major specialty is consulting, supplying, setting up, servicing and performing Preventive & Corrective Maintenance, Fiber Optical Cable laying & Splicing Termination. Having achieved considerable growth, Abadi diversified into the networking area to augment the advent of LAN and WAN based communications technology. The company's dedication to wide customer base and competitive prices and the ability to anticipate and invest in emerging technologies coupled with excellent after sales services continues.

AL QANAAH RESOURCES SDN BHD comes in as an upgrading and expanding excellent service that had been previously performed by ABADI RESOURCES. We will provide a wide range of services that traditionally operates in a disjoint manner with the purpose or improving service quality for customer in terms of profile, business performance and cost economics.

Technically, AL QANAAH RESOURCES SDN BHD can employ state of the art support services which will boost the company as a leader in the technology field worth providing cost effective solutions and offer quality service to the customers.

Company's Objectives

  • To be a full fledged IT service provider, providing the best to our clients.
  • To utilize innovative technological applications which adds value to our customers.
  • To acknowledge our people as they represent the quality and image of the company.
  • To be a benchmark in the IT industry by demonstrating high standards of quality & efficiency.